We mustguarantee technology
remains a force for good

If you’re working on mitigating the negative effects of technology, we’re searching for you.

The Be Kind Tech Alliance is a global alliance involving diverse entities, including NGOs, businesses, universities, and individuals dedicated to fostering the development of technology for the betterment of society.

About the misuse
of technology

Recent events, studies and reports have created broader awareness around the different consequences of the misuse of technologies, such as:

Online Harassment

10 %
of U.S. teens have been bullied or harassed online.

Data Privacy & Security

10 %
of users said personal information was compro­mised at least once in the past five years.

Responsible AI

10 %
of AI projects will provide false results caused by AI bias.

Screen Time Abuse

More screen time is associated with worse mental health, increased behavioral problems, impacting academic performance and sleep.

Disinformation & polarization

Social media is the key facilitator for a more polarized society.

At Globant, we believe that tech is inherently good and improves lives around the world.

It connects us, spurs innovation, and enables reinvention. However, technology also is a mirror that reflects intentions. When misapplied or misused, the impact can be negative. It’s critical we work to ensure tech benefits humanity as a whole.

Our Focus

The Be Kind Tech Alliance addresses this issues through four workstreams:


We are a platform where universities, NGOs, businesses and individuals, connect, engage in discussions, and strategize future initiatives.


Through knowledge-sharing sessions, and expert advice, we empower emerging leaders with the skills and insights necessary to navigate and create solutions that tackle the harmful effects technology has in society.


Through targeted campaigns, educational programs, and collaborative events, we engage a global audience in understanding the responsible role that technology can play in shaping our collective future.


We support with funding innovators and entrepreneurs that are moving quickly to tackle the negative collateral impacts of tech by creating purpose-designed startups.

Partners & Advisors

We are proud to partner with leading institutions and experts around the world, from Fortune 500 companies to investors, entrepreneurial organizations to prestigious universities, and exceptional thought leaders. Together, we are co-creating a new category of global investment fund.

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